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A simple, easy to use, secured and powerful framework to deploy and work with WordPress
— An ideal way to build enterprise solutions!

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The Olympus framework

The Olympus framework is a custom WordPress stack which provides
an object oriented development structure to code professional WordPress applications.
— An easy-to-work-with solution —

Install Olympus in a 1-easy-step. Replace projectname, answer the questions and voilà!

git clone https://github.com/GetOlympus/Olympus.git projectname && cd $_ && composer install

Olympus is trusted by professionals around the world

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The Olympus and its Gods!

The Olympus ecosystem, revolutionize how you build the web.

Olympus — Ὄλυμπος

START HERE — The Olympus package is the easiest and secure way to install WordPress websites with the powerfull Zeus Core framework. All WordPress optimizations are listed and enabled here. You can use them easily.

Zeus — Ζεύς

Olympus Zeus is a framework which allows you to make all your WordPress plugins and themes developments easier and efficient.

Hades — ᾍδης

Olympus Hades is a bundle used to handle all Olympus errors from your WordPress website and its plugins.

Hestia — Ἑστία

Olympus Hestia is a Capistrano bundle Ruby gem which provides a complete solution for deploying WordPress website easily with the Olympus package.

Hermes — Ἑρμῆς

Olympus Hermes Translator is a bundle used to translate all messages from your WordPress website, its plugins and Olympus bundles.

Hera — Ἥρα

Olympus Hera is a bundle used to render all components views through the Twig template engine.

Artemis — Ἄρτεμις

Olympus Artemis is a backend theme WordPress plugin used to make admin panel more attractive, modern.

Dionysos — Διώνυσος

Bunch of custom fields that will help you to build everything you need.

Apollon — Ἀπόλλων

[Work in progress] Olympus Apollon is a frontend WordPress theme built with the Olympus Zeus framework core system.

Poseidon — Ποσειδῶν

[Work in progress] Olympus Poseidon Customizer is a framework used to enhance the default WordPress customizer with a bunch of components and an easiest way to manipulate it.

And many more soon

Many many more… 🙂

Still and will always be
Open Source

Since Olympus is an open source project, I wanted to continue this movement too and allow developers to use this framework free.

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